Think Top-Down, Do Bottom-Up: germing your creative projects from thought to action

The world of traditional project management is pretty simple. Create a project, set a bunch of tasks under it, assign them, and let the gears roll. But creative projects are a bit… trickier. You don’t have a ready set of requirements to get started with. You need to discover where you need to go, and why. And,… Continue reading

Launching Work Views with Actionables (II): The last mile in taking your ideas to execution

The toughest part in working through your creative projects is giving shape to a bunch of abstract ideas – capturing thoughts, breaking them down into focussed next steps, brainstorming with the people that matter, and keeping up as your flow of thought evolves into something more tangible… That’s why we started working on roughly… Continue reading

The One thing you need to do before you start: A (very) simple guide to building your buyer persona

So you’ve just started work on your cool startup idea. You’ve got your product strategy, features and the nitty-gritties all lined up. Or are gearing up to launch your next marketing campaign, or in the middle of revamping your website, or even writing a little email newsletter. You’re swimming in a pool of your ideas,… Continue reading

Why your Billion Dollar Idea is worth Nothing: Where Ideas end and Execution begins

The idea vs. execution debate is hardly new. There are the artists, creative folk and almost there entrepreneurs who live and breathe ideas. And then, there are mobs of executionists ready to guillotine the whole “ideation” thing right at the start. And to be fair, both camps have some rather compelling points. But when it… Continue reading