22 Oct

You See Problem, Me See Idea: Power your projects with the MECE Technique

So you have an unchewable problem in front of you — perhaps your website visits are dropping like a bowling ball, and you don’t know why. Or you need to plan your best friend’s wedding, and you have no idea where to start. Or your product trajectory has shifted so far even you don’t understand where you’re going anymore.

So how do you really take the first step to solving the problem?

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29 Sep

Ready, Assign, Launch: Announcing Actionables in Omega III

Germ lets you track the progress of your ideas, from incubation all the way through to completion

Today is a big day for germ. For you, for us, and for all germs that were, are and will be. Today is the day you get to take your thoughts from fleeting ideas to the last mile of execution.

Over the past months, we’ve been getting closer to helping you turn your ideas into actionable projects. You could throw each of your ideas and brain farts into a separate flow of thought already. You could break down that abstract idea into smaller, more focussed pieces…

But that still doesn’t complete the life of your idea. Ideas are born with the spark in your head, and the idea hasn’t done its job till it sees the light of the day. The journey from ideas to execution is filled with brainstorms, discussions, baby-steps of progress, false positives, and dead-ends all the way through to completion. Read More

28 Aug

How to chew a mammoth (aka) Getting your Ideas to Execution

How to chew a mammoth

You’re walking through the icy glaciers, the cold exacerbating your starvation. Your stomach-rumbles make the ominous sounds of far away avalanches cower in shame. And then you spot a mammoth. A wool coated feast that could feed an army.

Except you can’t chew your mammoth* yet. For one, you have nothing to cut it up with. The beast won’t even fit into your conventional oven. Your plates, spoons and cutlery are designed for more chicken-sized food. And you definitely can’t swallow a whole mammoth in one go. Read More

02 Jul

Announcing Flow Maps: Using germ.io for Life, the Universe and Everything

Where Flow Maps fall in our roadmap

The suckiest part of working on a project is worrying for days about a problem only to realize it’s not even that big a deal in the larger scheme of things.

Our purpose at germ.io is simple: to help you get your ideas to execution. But sometimes when you’re in the thick of things, it’s easy to lose perspective. It’s called “getting lost in your thoughts”, and the only way you can get  home is if you took few a  steps back and looked at the big picture.
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17 Jun

Building your Product in Public: Omega Halftime Review

Build something you need, not something you believe people want

Exactly 93 days ago, we decided to go with a product launch cycle that would make the hardest LEAN methodology veterans go queasy in their stomach. No MVP, no private betas. Instead, we decided to launch germ.io as we built it, and we’ve been calling this our Omega launch.

I’d say we’re roughly in the middle of our Omega journey right now – not from a timing point of view, but more from a “fulfilling that promise” angle. We’ve now roughly brought in about half of what we promised germ.io would be. Read More

29 May

How Important is the Idea?

When you have to make-up-as-you-go, you can’t afford to stop thinking

Ideas are cheap, fleeting things; by itself a business idea is worth less than a half-eaten sandwich. At least you can eat the sandwich.
- Oliver Emberton

Every project goes through an “ideation” phase where you nail the “what’s” and “how’s”, and an execution phase where you actually get stuff done.

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16 May

How we’re using germ.io to germ germ.io

How to use Flows in germ Omega - II

We launched the heart and soul of germ.io Omega earlier this week: Flows. I’ve personally been excited about this part from even before we launched, so over the past few days I’ve gone a bit crazy.

A flow is a lot like a project you want to work on. Except, it’s centered around your ideas and how they evolve to execution.

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05 May

Omega Update: Unleashing Flows

Ancestry in germ.io shows how your ideas evolved to this point

So it’s been a month since we threw a first germ on the petridish with germ Omega. If you got in late to the party, the Omega is our pre-beta, pre-alpha, pre-adolescence launch of germ.io.

Over the past month, we’ve got quite a few nice folks signing up for germ.io, requesting us for an early invite, and shooting some awesome (and a couple of very very mean) comments in return.. Read More

16 Mar

Where The Flow is an Omega?

You’ve heard of beta releases. You’ve probably even heard of alpha releases. So where does an Omega release come from? Long story short, we’re still building germ.io, but we didn’t want to keep your ideas waiting that long. What we have right now is a sneak peek into our kitchen as we build, so you get to start playing with our concoctions as we mix them and we get to ask you what you think. So it’s not a beta. It’s not an alpha. In fact, we decided to go all the way back in the Greek alphabet and call it the Omega. Read More